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What is it

Leveraging U.Group's 2018 acquisition of the Technology Watch and Horizon Scanning Platform, InterKn (link to story), we’ve expanded our deep understanding of the business ecosystem surrounding innovation and technology initiatives to bring you the Beyond3 Marketplace at Beyond3.io. The marketplace is built for the innovator community who seeks to publish, match, and connect with currently over $2 Billion in funding opportunities.

But... that's just the start. Beyond3.io aggregates global applied research and innovation-related funding opportunities, events and technologies, that optimize the process of finding partnerships and capital. The marketplace will be a catalyst for bringing technology out of labs and into the light. We are excited to offer you access for free.

Why you should join

You should join if you agree with one of the few common themes we found:

- Most startups fail in less than three years
- Horizon scanning must look beyond 3rd horizon technology
- Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) companies need commercialization support after their Phase I/II awards, approximately three years
- Living outside of the three DC, MD and VA areas, Federal opportunities have been difficult to discover and navigate in the past.

So, how do we get the market beyond... 3? The Beyond3 Marketplace opens the aperture to support commercialization and provides users with access to difficult-to-find opportunities in 5 minutes or less.

A message from the U.Group Team

Beyond3 Marketplace was developed for innovators like you. Our mission is to create and enable strategic opportunities and solve complex problems—and we’re proud to launch a product that does just that. By connecting the world of non-traditional startups, fortune 500s and academia institutions with Federal government opportunities we hope to democratize and demystify the innovation-funding ecosystem and your big ideas.

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